Expand your reach. Add value to your yearly subscription fees. Our solutions create value added benefits for your members.


We’ll work with you to customise the solutions that works best for you and your enterprise, serving your members in the most effective way.

Our solutions are centered around information technologies that help you do more with less:

Platform as a Service

While providing a development environment and frameworks for a smart city. We provide a rich ecosystem of developer tools which Integrated directly with our Content Management System and our proximity infrastructure.

Communications as a Service

A new era for telecommunications, We work with you to compress the cost of voice, video, and data services, Our cloud communication services provide your members with a competitive advantage.

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS customer demand access to preconfigured server images, app packages, and tools that make managing virtual machines easier than ever before. We are experts in deploying instances in AWS, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and Exoscale. No matter what your requirements, we can assist in cloud based deployments.

Software as a Service

Help your customers get the most out of cloud based application in a simple and effective way. Look to Increase your customer value proposition by harnessing the power of hundreds of core productivity applications.

  • Email in the cloud means access to files and messages anywhere.
  • Communications in the cloud allows inexpensive calls, faxes, and texts to be forwarded to all devices.
  • Productivity tools can add more hours to the day and help everyone stay on task and organized.

Services designed to increase revenue, decrease costs and create efficiencies throughout the value chain.